Design pricing table in unique style

pricing table

Many times we find the pricing tables on search engine for our web projects, but as per the requirement we didn’t get. Because mostly our requirements is like –

  1. Table should be good looking.
  2. Table doesn’t contain JavaScript or jQuery.
  3. Table should be responsive.
  4. Table contains nice hover effects.
  5. Table has unique design.
  6. Table should be good readable.
  7. Table should be compatible in all browsers.

On daily basis, many of the customers are visit on pricing page of our websites. So I think it’s important for us to check pricing table, is it good looking or not? Is it good readable or not? Is it responsive or not? Is minimum loading time or not?

So, Today I create pricing table with fulfill all of the above requirements. In this pricing table, you see awesome hover effects with CSS3 and it doesn’t contain single line of JavaScript and jQuery. This pricing table is compatible in IE 9+, Google Chrome 10+, Safari 4+, and Firefox 12+.

Pricing Table

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