Author: Sanjay Jadon

Creating animated preloaders by css3

Creating awesome preloaders using CSS3 animations, CSS3 animations allows animate HTML elements without using jQuery or JavaScript. Mostly we make .GIF images [...]

Awesome checkout wizard using jQuery

checkout wizard
Checkout or order processing is a final stage of any marketing campaign or eCommerce website without any doubt. So I create modern design awesome checkout [...]

Awesome toggle switch buttons using css3

toggle switch buttons
Today I create awesome toggle switch buttons using css3. Basically toggle buttons is use for display data in switch format (display one value at a time in two [...]

Responsive timeline design using html and css3 only

Responsive timeline design using html and css3 only
Today, share with you ultimate responsive timeline design using html and css only. Timeline is good to display data in chronological order, or you can use [...]

Get effective custom accordion JQuery

Basically accordion jQuery is used for toggle sections on click/mouseover on headings(h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 elements). When you use accordion on your project when [...]

Get ultimate css format converter

Today I share with you a css converter which format css in one by one lines. Many of the times, you write a css in your format which is not good readable [...]

Ultimate hover effects by css3

I share with you button or link hover effects using css3 pseudo selectors(:before & :after) with the transition effects. You can see change background [...]

Add ellipsis after the multiple line

add ellipsis
Basically ellipsis are used in mostly places like in the long paragraph or article. CSS3 only provides add ellipsis in single line end, but Today I create [...]

Perfect use of pseudo-elements in css3.

Most of the beginner and intermediate Web Designer/UI Developer do not know the use of ::before and ::after pseudo-elements in css3. ::Before pseudo-element is [...]

Free upgrade is available of Windows 10

Window start menu
For all of the current users of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 get free upgrade of Window 10. By Microsoft operating system chief Terry Myerson [...]

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