Attractive fully responsive menu using css3

attractive responsive menu Very long back, I share with you fully responsive navigation using css3 and jQuery which is very attractive with animated effects. In this header, you can see clean navigation items with search and in mobile/tablet you can see attractive toggle menu with animated open/close effects. In the current days, user wants clean and descent design and want quick [...]

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Ultimate vertical navigation bar

ultimate vertical navigation bar
After very long time, I share with you vertical nav or navigation bar using CSS3 and JavaScript. Using vertical nav bar you save your website space and you also create [...]

YouTube Uploads, Playlists & Videos plugin by javascript

Youmax - Complete YouTube Plugin with Clean Design Image source What can this plugin do? YouTube Uploads, Playlists & Videos Sorting Feature – Popular | [...]

Top 10+ News / Magazine / Blog WordPress themes

wordpress news theme
All the Wordpress themes here are superb for news, magazine and blog websites. If you want to find better theme than you are in right place. Here all the themes are selected [...]

Design team layout using css3

design team layout
After very long back, I share with you team layout design using css3 (not included JavaScript & jQuery). In the currents day we all want to create our team page in our [...]

Awesome input focus effects

input foucs effects
After very long time, I share with you awesome input focus effects using css3 and jquery. In the previous month I had published ultimate image hover effects which are totally [...]

Ultimate image hover effects using css3

hover feature image
Today I share with you modern design image hover effects using CSS3. In the previous month, I was created ultimate button hover effects that are easy to implement with your [...]

Cool 3D text effects using css3

In this post you'll learn how to generate 3d text effects without using font-family? We can create many types of text effect using text-shadow property in css3. Even we can [...]

Design pricing table in unique style

pricing table
Many times we find the pricing tables on search engine for our web projects, but as per the requirement we didn't get. Because mostly our requirements is like - Table [...]

Top 10 android apps for Bloggers

blogger screen
Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. Now a day, it is the fast growing operating system in smartphones and tablet devices. In this operating system, [...]

Creating animated preloaders by css3

Creating awesome preloaders using CSS3 animations, CSS3 animations allows animate HTML elements without using jQuery or JavaScript. Mostly we make .GIF images for preloader [...]